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Knowledge Base

  1. General Questions 

    1. What does Yodeck allow me to show on my monitors?
    2. Why use Yodeck and not the USB media player feature of my TV or my Smart TV?
    3. What are the requirements for using Yodeck?
    4. Do I need any special skill to use Yodeck or install the Yodeck Playbox?
    5. How many monitors does Yodeck support per account?
  2. Yodeck Features 

    1. How do I set what gets displayed?
    2. How do I set when things get displayed? How can I schedule what get shown?
    3. Does Yodeck support monitors mounted vertically?
    4. Is there a storage limit for media uploaded on Yodeck?
    5. Is there a bandwidth limit for media uploaded or downloaded on Yodeck?
  3. Yodeck Playbox (Player) 

    1. What is a Yodeck Playbox?
    2. When will the Yodeck Playbox be available for purchase?
    3. How do I order a Yodeck Playbox?
    4. Do I need to get a Yodeck Playbox to use Yodeck?
    5. What if Yodeck Playbox fails?
  4. Using TVs and Monitors with Yodeck 

    1. What TVs or monitors does Yodeck support?
    2. What is better to use with Yodeck, a PC monitor or a TV set?
    3. Audio does not work, I have no sound from videos
    4. Can I use an HDMI-to-VGA adapter for VGA monitors?
    5. Changing the screen resolution
  5. Yodeck Advanced Features 

    1. Does Yodeck support connecting through a HTTP Proxy?
    2. Does Yodeck support connecting through a WiFi network?
    3. Does Yodeck support using a static IP?
    4. How secure is Yodeck?
    5. How reliable is Yodeck?
  6. Yodeck Pricing 

    1. Can I have an annual plan on Yodeck?
    2. What happens if I want to add more monitors? That is, upgrade my plan?
    3. How is Yodeck priced?
    4. What happens if I want to reduce my active monitors? That is, downgrade my plan?
    5. What happens if a charge for my subscription fails?
  7. Tech FAQs 

    1. What hardware players does Yodeck support for playback?
    2. Does Yodeck support authenticating on a web page?
    3. Recovering your Player through a USB flash drive
    4. Reset all Settings on your Player
    5. Setting a Web Page to refresh
  8. Yodeck Partner Network FAQ 

    1. I want to use Yodeck for my own customers!
    2. What do I need to qualify as a Yodeck Partner?
    3. What are the different types of Yodeck Partners?
    4. Can I change from being a Reseller to a Whitelabel Partner?
    5. How do I support my customers?
  9. DIY Yodeck Players (PC or Raspberry Pi) 

    1. Building a DIY Yodeck Player using Raspberry Pi
    2. Yodeck Player using a PC [special large projects only]
  10. Yodeck Instant Help 

    1. Dashboard Overview
    2. Images List
    3. Videos List
    4. Web Pages List
    5. Adding an Image
  11. Automated Web Scripts 

    1. How to automatically login to your Skiplino account
  12. All articles 

    1. What are articles/canned responses and how do I use them?
    2. What does Yodeck allow me to show on my monitors?
    3. What hardware players does Yodeck support for playback?
    4. What TVs or monitors does Yodeck support?
    5. What is a Yodeck Playbox?
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