How to automatically login to your Grafana account

With our Web-scripting engine, you have the ability to automate the login process of your Yodeck player in order to login to your Grafana account and display it on your TV screens.

First of all, you have to enable the "Chromium" and also the "Run Custom Script" options. These settings are located on the Advanced Settings of your web-page.

After that you have enabled the aforementioned options, paste the below code as it is:

Bear in mind to replace YOUR_EMAIL and YOUR_PASSWORD with your real credentials. 

type("""#login-view > form > div:nth-child(1) > input""", """YOUR_EMAIL""")
type("""#inputPassword""", """YOUR_PASSWORD""")
runScript("""document.querySelector('#login-view > form > div:nth-child(1) > input').dispatchEvent(new Event("input", { bubbles: true }))
document.querySelector('#inputPassword').dispatchEvent(new Event("input", { bubbles: true }))""")
clickAndWait("""#login-view > form > div.login-button-group > button""")  

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