What does Yodeck allow me to show on my monitors?

Yodeck can display a composite layout of playlists containing:
  • Videos files, which you upload to Yodeck from your computer
  • Videos from YouTube
  • Live Video Streams from YouTube, other popular video sites, and customer video sources (HLS, IP streamers, cams, etc)
  • Images, with editable menuboards, etc
  • PDF Files
  • PowerPoint files, which get converted seamlessly to videos, retaining all transitions and animations
  • Video from any HDMI source (you will need an IP Video Streamer for that)
  • Online web pages (on the Internet or in the LAN)
  • Widgets, a collection of ready to use components, including Scrolling Texts (ticker), Rich Text Editor, RSS Feed, Weather Info, and many others.
  • Audio files from your computer or YouTube as well as Audio Stream
  • Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel files as well as PDF files
You can upload whatever video or image files you want to Yodeck and use them.

In the future, we are planning to include more exotic stuff. Stay tuned.

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