What hardware players does Yodeck support for playback?

You have three options:
  • We have our very own Yodeck Playbox. Yodeck Playboxes you order are shipped ready-to-use, with everything pre-configured. See the Yodeck Playbox articles for more details.
  • We support the Raspberry Pi, a very low cost but quite capable mini-computer which you can buy yourself from vendors worldwide, no matter where you are located. Check out the guide for setting up a Pi yourself.
  • ONLY for special projects with thousands of screens we can also support using regular PCs. Note that the PC must be fully utilized for Yodeck and must run Ubuntu LTS. No Windows support yet, sorry. Reach out for more info.
(Note 1: Actually, our Yodeck Playbox is based on the Raspberry Pi and a bunch of additional components, but at a discounted price compared to a DIY solution. So, why bother? Just get your FREE Yodeck Playboxes with an annual plan.)

(Note 2: Non-PC hardware running Ubuntu LTS 14.04 might also work.)

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