What hardware players does Yodeck support for playback?

You have two options:
  • We have our very own Yodeck Playbox. Yodeck Playboxes you order are shipped ready-to-use, with everything pre-configured. See the Yodeck Playbox articles for more details.
  • We support the Raspberry Pi, a very low cost but quite capable mini-computer which you can buy yourself from vendors worldwide, no matter where you are located. Check out the guide for setting up a Pi yourself.
We are also building a new Player software that will work on almost all platforms, and will be available in mid 2021.

(Note 1: Actually, our Yodeck Playbox is based on the Raspberry Pi and a bunch of additional components, but at a discounted price compared to a DIY solution. So, why bother? Just get your FREE Yodeck Playboxes with an annual plan.)

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