What TVs or monitors does Yodeck Support?

Yodeck supports any type of monitor, of any resolution (Full-HD, HD-Ready, or any other). The service was designed based on the primary resolution of 1920x1080 (dubbed “Full HD” or “1080p” in the TV industry). The content is automatically adapted during playback for any resolution and any monitor, even non-widescreen monitors. And you can specify alternative layouts to match different monitors and orientations.

For resolutions supported by our YoDeck Playbox,
check out this article.

If you want Yodeck to power-on and power-off your monitor, then there are two options:
  • Deactivating HDMI Port: this option is supported on Yodeck Playbox, Raspberry Pi and a PC running Ubuntu, but this usually works only on computer monitors (not TV sets)
  • HDMI-CEC Signalling: this option is supported on Yodeck Playbox and Raspberry Pi (not on PCs), but this usually works only on TV sets (not computer monitors) (compatibility chart)
Yodeck uses both methods when trying to power on/off your monitor. The combination that likely cause trouble is when you are using a PC connected to a TV set. So, make sure that your installation does not use this combination, or else the power on/off feature will not work (TV will stay on showing its own "No Signal" message).

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