Do I need to get a Yodeck Playbox to use Yodeck?

No. You can:
  1. buy a Raspberry Pi yourself
  2. buy a case, power adapter, HDMI cable and a SD card
  3. download our Raspberry Pi image
  4. write it to the SD card
  5. assemble everything together
But why do that?

A Yodeck Playbox is probably cheaper than assembling a Raspberry Pi -based player yourself. And if you decide on an annual subscription, we give you all the Yodeck Playbox you need for FREE.

On the other hand, you can just use a PC you already have. But PCs use a lot of power, something like 20 times the power a Yodeck Playbox uses. So, you will end up paying more through your electric bill than if you had bought a Yodeck Playbox. Weird, huh?

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