I want to playback a large number of videos, more than 4 hours in total. What can I do?

If your video files are so large, you should consider using a USB flash drive.

IMPORTANT: This feature is not yet available through the management page. We will soon be incorporating this configuration into Yodeck to make it really easy for you to add more storage. For now, you have to do it manually. Contact us and we will help.

WARNING: any USB flash drive you connect to Yodeck Playbox will be automatically formatted and ALL DATA in it will be forever lost! You have been warned!!

USB flash drives are very cheap. 32GB flash drives (USB 2.0) are available for less than $10, 64GB for less than $20. Grab one and just connect it to your Yodeck Playbox. Your media storage will be automagically changed to the flash drive within a few minutes.

Need even more? Just add more USB flash drives to your Yodeck Playbox. With at least 3 USB ports free, you can easily get at 192GB!

Please note that the Yodeck Playbox provides only USB 2.0 ports, but most USB 3.0 devices are backwards compatible with USB 2.0.

IMPORTANT: note that we specifically say "USB flash  drives". Yodeck Playbox may not provide enough power to USB hard drives. You can use USB hard drives, but you may have to power them with an external adapter. If your USB hard drive does not come with its own power adapter, then you might need to get a powered USB hub, that is, a USB hub with a power adapter of its own.

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