Dashboard Overview

The Dashboard is where you can have an overview of your account and check that everything is running smoothly. The following basic info on your account is provided:
  • Changes pushed button (upper left corner of the Dashboard in the Yodeck portal). If everything is ok with your account, this should be grey. If Yodeck requires your attention, this button will become red.
  • "Online Monitors" gauge. This shows how many of your active monitors are currently online. Under normal conditions, this should always be at 100%.
  • "Subscription Capacity" gauge. This shows the current limit of your subscription, that is, the maximum active monitors you can have under your account. If this is under 100%, it means that you might have a larger subscription than required, so you should review your subscription.
You also have the option to directly contact Yodeck's Support Team through the "Send us a message" form. We will respond as soon as possible!

Finally, some shortcuts are provided at the lower part of the page to help you do things:

  • "Remember the basics" provides you with the basic flow you should follow to get going with Yodeck. 
  • "Want to add new monitors?" shows your 3 options for connecting monitors to your account. In order for Yodeck to be able to communicate with your monitors, a Player is required. Here are your options for getting Players:
  • You can subscribe to the Annual Plan for Yodeck, and get our free Players (Yodeck Playbox) [highly recommended]
  • You can stay on the Free or Monthly Plan for Yodeck, and buy the Yodeck Playboxes you need for a fixed price.
  • Build your own Player by using a Raspberry Pi or standard PC hardware, using our software.

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