What are the different types of Yodeck Partners?

Yodeck Affiliate

Affiliates direct sales leads to http://www.yodeck.com, or may directly sign up customers on the Yodeck platform. After the customer has reached the Yodeck site or app, affiliates have no interaction with the customer. Affiliates do not bill, nor do they provide any kind of service to customers. They only bring in new sign-ups to Yodeck. When a tracked user signs up for a subscription, then all payments are taken into account when calculating the affiliation fees.

Yodeck Reseller

Resellers sell the Yodeck service directly to their customers and also support them throughout the deployment and operation of the service. Resellers signup and bill their customers directly, while Flipnode LLC bills Resellers for the services provided, at a discounted rate.

Resellers are expected to provide local purchasing and assembly of Yodeck Players. Although not mandatory, it allows for higher service discounts to Resellers. They may provide Yodeck Players for free, as a lease, or offer them to customers for purchase. They may also provide additional equipment (TV sets, TV mounts, cables, network equipment, etc) and installation services, either directly or through a subcontractor, to provide a complete solution to their customers.

Resellers are required to provide Yodeck support services to their customers through their Partner Account. These must include remote support of Yodeck installations and may include on-site support services. Providing a completely managed service over Yodeck is also an option, where the Partner manages the customer’s account and the customer never has to deal with Yodeck directly.

Yodeck Whitelabel Partner

Whitelabel Partners are Resellers with their own version of a Yodeck Portal. Users do not see Yodeck branding anywhere. Whitelabel Partners have the following benefits:
  • Custom CSS, changing text or branding, even hiding whole sections of the Portal.
  • Custom web address for the management Portal, e.g. https://app.yourcompany.com
  • Customized SD Card image, for easy and safe SD card imaging with custom branding.
Additionally, there is an annual fee for servicing a Whitelabel Partner Account. 

Whitelabel Partners are free to use their own pricing policy with customers, while Resellers are naturally bound by the published Yodeck Pricelist that customers can see on Yodeck.com.

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