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  1. Account possibly compromised

  2. Adding a Google Slides presentation to Yodeck

  3. Adding a Video

  4. Adding an Image

  5. Are there any limits placed on Yodeck usage?

  6. Audio does not work, I have no sound from videos

  7. Building a DIY Yodeck Player using Raspberry Pi

  8. Bypassing Video Re-encoding (As-Is Upload)

  9. Can I change from being a Reseller to a Whitelabel Partner?

  10. Can I connect the RPi directly to RCA?

  11. Can I have an annual plan on Yodeck?

  12. Can I have root access to the Yodeck Player?

  13. Can I use an HDMI-to-VGA adapter for VGA monitors?

  14. Can I use the Composite output instead of the HDMI?

  15. Can I use Yodeck for my customers without being a Reseller?

  16. Changing the screen resolution

  17. Dashboard Overview

  18. Define an Advanced, Custom and a 4K Resolution

  19. Do I need any special skill to use Yodeck or install the Yodeck Playbox?

  20. Do I need to get a Yodeck Player to use Yodeck?

  21. Do you provide TV sets or installation services?

  22. Does Yodeck support authenticating on a web page?

  23. Does Yodeck support connecting through a HTTP Proxy?

  24. Does Yodeck support connecting through a WiFi network?

  25. Does Yodeck support dual monitor, using the two HDMI ports available on the Player?

  26. Does Yodeck support monitors mounted vertically?

  27. Does Yodeck support monitors of all sizes?

  28. Does Yodeck support outdoor LED billboards?

  29. Does Yodeck support using a static IP?

  30. Does Yodeck support video walls?

  31. Does Yodeck work offline?

  32. Getting the VAT Number on Invoices

  33. How about customization services?

  34. How can I test-drive Yodeck without buying a Yodeck Playbox or Raspberry Pi?

  35. How do I order a Yodeck Player?

  36. How do I set what gets displayed?

  37. How do I set when things get displayed? How can I schedule what get shown?

  38. How do I support my customers?

  39. How does Yodeck support powering on and off monitors and TVs? Are all monitors and TVs compatible with this feature?

  40. How is Yodeck priced?

  41. How many items can be displayed on a single monitor at the same time?

  42. How many monitors does Yodeck support per account?

  43. How much bandwidth does Yodeck use?

  44. How reliable is Yodeck?

  45. How secure is Yodeck?

  46. How to automatically login to your Grafana account

  47. How to automatically login to your Skiplino account

  48. I want to use Yodeck for my own customers!

  49. Images List

  50. Is the Yodeck service manageable through a mobile phone? Do you provide an app?

  51. Is there a bandwidth limit for media uploaded or downloaded on Yodeck?

  52. Is there a storage limit for media uploaded on Yodeck?

  53. Live Video Streaming Support

  54. Playlists List

  55. Recovering your Player through a USB flash drive

  56. Reset all Settings on your Player

  57. Support for LED board screens and billboards

  58. Support for Subtitles in Videos

  59. Troubleshooting Portal loading failure

  60. Using a Real Time Clock module for proper offline timekeeping

  61. Videos List

  62. Warning Icons on the Player

  63. Web Page - URL Parameters Per Device

  64. Web Pages List

  65. What about Internet outages? What will happen to my monitors?

  66. What about support?

  67. What are articles/canned responses and how do I use them?

  68. What are the different types of Yodeck Partners?

  69. What are the requirements for using Yodeck?

  70. What are the Yodeck Player specs?

  71. What do I need to qualify as a Yodeck Partner?

  72. What does Yodeck allow me to show on my monitors?

  73. What happens if a charge for my subscription fails?

  74. What happens if I want to add more monitors? That is, upgrade my plan?

  75. What happens if I want to reduce my active monitors? That is, downgrade my plan?

  76. What hardware players does Yodeck support for playback?

  77. What if Yodeck Player fails?

  78. What is a Yodeck Player?

  79. What is better to use with Yodeck, a PC monitor or a TV set?

  80. What TVs or monitors does Yodeck support?

  81. What types of documents does Yodeck support?

  82. What types of images does Yodeck support?

  83. What types of videos does Yodeck support?

  84. What will happen if I cancel my subscription?

  85. When will the Yodeck Player be available for purchase?

  86. Which Raspberry Pi does Yodeck support?

  87. Why do you download everything locally?

  88. Why is my Player running in VGA resolution (640x480)?

  89. Why use Yodeck and not the USB media player feature of my TV or my Smart TV?

  90. Yodeck 2019 New Plans - Comparison with the existing ones

  91. Yodeck Manual Configuration Guide

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