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    We are planning to provide support for Zapier. Here is the suggestion in our forum:

    Through that, it will be possible to integrate Yodeck with Google Drive, so that any content added to Google Drive is copied to Yodeck and then pushed to your Players.

    I am tagging this idea as under review, since we might offer a Google Drive (and Dropbox) integration in the future. In any case, we will update all of you with any developments on the Zapier integration.

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    AdminYodeck Support (Yodeck Support Team, Yodeck) commented  · 

    Hi Troy,

    there is no "laziness". The team here is working really, really hard. It all comes down to effort-vs-impact.

    We need to prioritize features in order to deliver the best overall value. As you can understand, in this process, not all requests can be accommodated. Some are rejected, others are just lower priority. I understand that Google Drive and Dropbox, as cloud storage services, need better care when it comes to Yodeck. Same goes with Instagram I mentioned above (we are planning a special Widget for that). But, today, and to have the maximum impact, it is better to first work on integrating with Zapier than start working on these integrations. Saving developers' time means that they can work on other important features that we want to deliver.

    Down the road, I am sure we will be working on a better integration with Google Drive and Dropbox, that is why I left it "under review" and not rejected it. But now, it is lower in our priorities to provide a specific integration with Google Drive. We are working hard and need to be focused on maximizing the value for all users.

    Thank you,

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    AdminYodeck Support (Yodeck Support Team, Yodeck) commented  · 

    Hi Troy,

    I completely understand your point.

    First, let me just say that the 26 vs 9 votes comparison can be misleading. Subscribers to the two suggestions are 19 vs 9. Also, take into account that this suggestion was added on Sep 11th 2017, while the Zapier suggestion was added May 4th 2018. That's 11.5 months vs 3.5 months to collect votes and subscribers.

    Now, concerning the reasoning behind selecting one suggestion vs the other, we do take feedback seriously, but we also need to make the right choices to have the maximum impact. So, even if the Google Drive suggestion has more votes, doing the Zapier integration will provide for a much broader integration with hundreds of services that make sense when using Yodeck. For example, posting Media via Google Drive, or Dropbox, or even Instagram and Facebook.

    And let's not forget the non-Media integration, things that have to do with automtically adding Users from other systems, or notifications for offline devices in other systems, like Slack.

    Bottom-line though, you remark is correct. I will revert the status of the suggestion, since a standalone integration with Google Drive is indeed something different.

    Thank you for the feedback,

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