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Show preview capability would be an amazing help. Right now there's no way to see a show without pushing it to a real monitor.

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    Anonymous shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    accepted  ·  AdminYodeck Support (Admin, Yodeck) responded  · 

    This feature has been the No.1 request for a long time. There technical reason that this has not been implemented yet, but we are working towards the right direction. Let me explain.

    First, we will provide a quick preview button right inside the Show editor. This button will allow you to push the current show to your test player(s) so that you can check how everything looks a) without saving the Show and b) without pushing to all affected Players. It should make it much easier to preview things fast. But, still, you need a Player to use for this. *We will add this to our Oct 26th release! Stay tuned!*

    Now, concerning the web-based preview, we are working on a Web-powered Yodeck Player. This Player will be the basis for building a preview through the browser. This is quite hard to implement. Really hard. We are working towards that direction and we will definitely deliver, but it might take some months to have it working. Also, it is important to understand that not all features will be available through the web-based player. It remains to be seen how many will not be available, but things like running code on Web Pages with our script engine, will likely not be possible through that.

    Still, we want to provide a good way to taste the platform before ordering a player, so it is definitely coming. It is just hard to do and will take some more time.


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      • Owen commented  · 

        Why has it taken 2 years to do this? Still not available?

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I need this feature very badly. We will be running Yodeck on a 5 meters wide LED display, which is on top of a big building. It is not visible to the office (inside the same building) so there is no way to tell if the display is showing correctly..

        Only solution currently is to have second raspberry with smaller display inside the building, but would be much cleaner to have a web preview. Perhaps with a watermark, doesn't matter really.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Preciso alterar a resolucao do monitor de saida sendo que utilizo um adaptador de hdmi para rca pois a saida video composto nao funcionou como altero pois a hdmi esta em full e ao colocar o adaptador fica wide

      • Robert commented  · 

        I asked support about this feature and am told it is on the road map. Looks like it has been on the roadmap for going on two years.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        What is the status of a preview before posting?

      • Christian commented  · 

        i hardly need a preview in the browser. maybe with a watermark.

      • stephan commented  · 

        Keep it free for one monitor, and add a watermark or something.
        It is only to test before put in online!

      • Jerry commented  · 

        Small size preview in the show edit page would be great please but it must show the widgets and fonts in correct proportion. Quality is less important

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Ability to view show from a pc to check it is working and displaying correctly.

      • GRTC Excelsior commented  · 

        Can I have a second screen (Also the free accounts
        ) With a watermark To be able to view my presentation
        Before it goes online This would help to prevent mistakes.

      • jaspreet commented  · 

        I think there should be option to see preview of the content on your system.

      • Craig Reilly commented  · 

        When will we have this ability to PREVIEW?

      • GAMA commented  · 

        Will like to see a PLAT button

      • Stef commented  · 

        Hi guys,

        It's been a while since you posted a progress update.

        What's the status of the web player implementation?

        As a new customer it's worrying to see new developments take so long...


      • Rocco commented  · 

        having a preview on the show editor page would be very helpful and would not be usable as an actual monitor so you don't have to worry about it being used as a public display. the editor does not execute the widgets, so it is trial and error to get the widget images to fit the spaces well. When I make edits to the show, I am not always near the monitor to make sure the widgets fit the space properly.

      • Andee commented  · 

        Any updates on this?

      • Josh commented  · 

        Great. Progress report please, Yodeck.

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